The GPL Ultra-Deep Drilling System

Current Methods

Most geothermal wellbore designs use two boreholes with hydraulic fracturing between the holes. This is expensive and inconsistent in results given the dependency on the positioning of the two boreholes relative to one another and the difficulty in joining the two holes together at depth.

GPL System

The GPL system, which we have patented, uses one borehole for the supply and return of the fluid. This system requires no fracking and is extremely efficient in thermal transfer. Once the bore hole is completed and the system is producing power, the site can be landscaped and will have very little visual impact. The system can be used in city centre locations or in isolated sites with minimal environmental impact. Coal mines, coal fired power stations and nuclear power stations have left a lasting negative impact on our country’s landscape with huge clean up and decommissioning costs for many years to come. Geothermal Power has none of these disadvantages.