What We Do

The future of energy – below your feet.

Our mission is to establish geothermal energy as one of the main renewable energy sources in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

This can be accomplished by accessing the abundant geothermal energy of Scotland’s geology, including mine workings, rivers, deep & shallow geothermal heat sources and solar energy.

This will provide zero carbon, 24 hour, renewable electricity and heat to communities of industrial, commercial and domestic energy users. When geothermal power is combined locally with other forms of renewable energy these communities will be completely self-sufficient and sustainable, which will reduce the reliance on the National Grid and the environment.

This self-reliance will remove the large changes in price as local renewable energy can be delivered through a Private Wire System with pricing guaranteed for decades removing external market price volatility.

Our Proposal

At Geothermal Power Ltd, our proposal is to drill one, or more, wells vertically to 6000/7000m as an injector and two, or more, producer wells to a similar depth with 1000m distance each from the bottom hole location of the injector to give ample distance for the fluid to travel between injector hole and producer holes at depth.

The fluid will be pumped down the injector and return to surface via the 2 producer holes super-heated, in the range of 180℃ to 260℃. This water will power a combined Binary Cycle Turbine to generate electricity and also supply large volumes of heat for both commercial and domestic use.

Geothermal energy is generated in over 20 countries. The USA is the world’s largest producer. In Iceland many of the buildings and even swimming pools are heated with geothermal hot water.